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BTC Southern Africa offers both full-time residential studies and distance studies.

Full-time Studies: The College has a dynamic body of students who attend classes at our campus in Randburg, South Africa.

While the sacrifices are great, the benefits of a dedicated period of study in preparation for a lifetime of ministry are easy to see. The interaction between learners and staff is impossible to duplicate for distance learners.

The College's semesters run parallel to the Gauteng school terms and lectures are from 08:00 – 13h30 Monday to Fridays.

Distance Studies: Distance studies have become an integral part of our South African post matriculation education system. This pattern is particularly true of study programmes for professionals. It means that those who for some reason cannot attend College on a full-time basis are not deprived of the opportunity of obtaining tertiary theological education.

Distance students receive study notes and tutorial letters, which guide them through the study of prescribed books. Lecturers may be contacted at the College for help and advice. Students should plan to give three to five hours of study per week per course / subject. An average correspondence student completes two or three courses per semester.

Distance studies rely on the postal system to deliver study materials, to send and receive assignments and exams. Students may choose to have study materials e-mailed as well as use e-mail to submit assignments.

Programmes of Study - Recommended Periods
Certificate in Theology 1 year of study 2 years+ of study
Certificate in Ministry Studies 1 year of study 2 years+ of study
Bachelor of Theology 4 years of study 8 years+ of study

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