Some of the happiest years of my life were those spent as a student at BTC. I loved the Bible and I enjoyed having those rigorous discussions on theology with my class mates; and strategizing the best ways for doing practical ministry. I was being challenged and sharpened by every encounter of theological interaction, and with every ministry endeavour I had. My love for the Lord and for His Word grew tremendously. Now, I love being in ministry, and my years in Engineering, just cannot compare.

As a student I received more than I expected and am grateful to the Lord for BTC; but now I am an educator here. What a privilege! I have always desired to give my learners more than I have received when I was a student. This being so, our first and fundamental task as a college is missional. The message of Christ is our focus.

I believe that Baptists are trusted among Evangelicals to provide a much sought after biblically based and accredited theological education, where academic, spiritual (devotional) and practical (vocational) aspects are catered for in our curriculum. Baptist (Evangelical) Theology is broad and biblical. We take it that the only unchanging authority in this changing world is the Word of God, the Bible.

Therefore, we consider it our obligation to train our learners in a biblical exegetical discipline, which will enable them to preach Christ and to teach their congregations the Christian way with biblical confidence. That obligation is enhanced in our aim to make our education and training contextual, church-ward, strategic, theological, integrated (“head”, “heart” and “hand”), servant-moulding, equipping and wholesomely Christian. We are aimed towards a united, relevant and credible Baptist theological education in Southern Africa.

The fact that our theological education is accredited by the Council for Higher Education, gives greater credence in the quality of our training and of our qualifications. Our accreditation must be considered as our most valuable asset. We are committed to use this asset to facilitate theological education undergirded by church cooperation. College and Church together, we believe, will demonstrate our deliberate commitment to practical competency and spiritual formation of our learners within a self, others and community setting. Blessings

Dr Piff Pereira

Gregory ‘Piff’ Pereira [BTh (Arts), LTh Hons (BTC). MA, D. Litt et Phil (Univ of JHB), PhD (UP] obtained his BTh (Arts) degree from the University of Zululand in 1996 and in that same year he received his Licentiate in Theology (LTh) from the Baptist Theological College in Johannesburg. He has served as the Senior Pastor of the New Life Baptist Church, Bosmont, for ten years. Dr. Piff is married to Vercia and has three adult children: Angelique, Lucienne and Luke. While pastoring, Dr. Piff completed his MA degree at RAU with distinction and went on to complete his doctoral degree in New Testament Theology in 2002, at the same University. During his time here at BTC, he completed a second doctoral degree in 2010; this time in Old Testament studies through the University of Pretoria. He also serves on the boards of both international and local missionary groups.