- Your new Theological College?


BTC prides itself in being so much more than just a college… we are a home for students from all walks of life. Apart from the new friends and support you will gain as a student of BTC, our entire curriculum engages classical theological subjects, work on practical competency and personal maturity.

BTC has the highest standard teaching staff, is accredited by the Department of Education, offers integrated theological education, and is denominationally based within the Baptist Union of Southern Africa whilst being interdenominationally connected.


The BTC Faculty have a passion to see students succeed in life and ministry, and are committed to journeying with students. At BTC, you are not just a student number.

Preparation for Ministry

Many opportunities are offered through BTC for practical ministry experience and exposure, all preparting our students for ministry in a church or missions context

BTC Course Offering

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are registerd with the Department of Higher Education, South africa

THE HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN MINISTRY DEGREE is designed for Christians wishing to equip themselves in a specific area of Christian ministry; namely in pastoral studies.

Prospective full-time learners should note that there is a possibility that subjects may clash on the timetable. In such an instance, some subjects may need to be done on a distance-learning basis.

Entrance Qualification: Matriculation or equivalent. Applicants with less than a matriculation will be considered on merit.

Subjects in this course include Biblical Literacy, Biblical Overview, Introduction to Homiletics, Personal Spiritual Development, Cross-Cultural Engagement, Bible Read and Youth and Family Ministry

THE BACHELOR OF BIBLICAL STUDIES DEGREE is a three-year degree designed for Christians wishing to equip themselves in a specific area of Christian ministry; namely in biblical studies.

Entrance Qualification: Matriculation or equivalent, as well as the Certificate in Ministry degree or equivalent.

Graduation Requirements: Thirty subjects/360 credits total

THE BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY is the premier program of the College, designed to further train Christians in the areas of church ministry, cross-cultural missions and youth ministry. There are no points of graduation until the completion of the entire fourth year. Students who complete the Bachelor of Biblical Studies or any of our Higher Certificate Programmes may articulate into the Bachelor of Theology degree through credit and articulation, but loss of credits will apply.

The minimum requirement for entry into this MTh Programme is an NQF Level 8 Bachelor of Theology or equivalent meeting the core elements of our degree program in a relevant field of study from a University or Higher Education and Training (HET) institution that is registered with the Department of Higher Education.

Applicants will be considered for admission on the basis of the recognition of prior learning (RPL) and/ or experience (RPL/E) provided that such applicant has satisfied the College of their suitability for the degree by means that shall be determined on an individual basis by the post- graduate committee (see RPL policy below).

Applicants who do not possess the required qualifications outlined above may be eligible on admission on the basis of previous work experience. In this instance a person with knowledge of the employment may be nominated to act as a referee.

The fields of study available include:

  • Old Testament (Dr Linzay Rinquest)
  • New Testament (Dr Walter Maqoma)
  • Biblical Hermeneutics (Prof Piff Pereira)
  • Biblical Theology (Prof Piff Pereira)
  • Systematic Theology (Prof Martin Pohlmann)
  • Christian Ethics (Dr Terrel Manikam)
  • Christian Apologetics (Dr Terrel Manikam)
  • History of Christianity (Prof Martin Pohlmann)
  • Practical Theology (Dr Sam Ndoga)
  • Missiology (Dr Desmond Henry)

A Supervisor will be assigned to the Learner throughout the duration of the Programme and by a means of consultation with the Learner will determine the degree components that will include prescribed reading, an oral examination/interview, a publishable article, and a dissertation. The Postgraduate Committee will also be consulted on the set research Programme that the Learner will be required to complete.

Where necessary, the potential applicants may need to travel to use specialist research libraries, archives or central libraries as part of their research work.

This Postgraduate course will provide the Learner with advanced and detailed study in the subject of their degree or they can develop specific skills for their chosen career in the workplace.

Learners can change direction and develop new skills by studying a course that takes them in a different direction from their previous studies. Whichever way the Learner wishes to take their postgraduate study in the future, we are looking for motivated people called to the Christian ministry who are willing to make a positive, Godly contribution to their surroundings. An immense satisfaction comes with pursuing a subject that is genuinely intriguing, and then making a personal contribution to it. The Learner also develops a wide range of transferable skills including project planning, presentations, analytical thinking etc.


Registration for full-time students closes on 30 November annually, while late applications may be considered until 14 January annually under exceptional circumstances.

No student is usually permitted to commence full-time studies in July, for the second semester, unless they have already completed at least four of the required courses from the related first semester of studies.

Distance students will be required to register for the first semester by no later than 14 January, and for the second semester by no later than 30 June. Thereafter, no applications will be accepted under any circumstances in order for us to apply fairness to all students.

Below you can download our fees and registration forms. Once you have completed the forms, please email these to admissions@btc.co.za.  Please be aware that no bursaries are offered before registration.

Blended Distance Learning

Distance Study

BTC offers a Blended Distance Learning (BDL) approach to position BTC as a world-class African Seminary and provider of quality higher education programs.

Whether you are employed full time or for some other reason cannot attend college, you don’t have to be deprived of a tertiary education.

The Benefits of Distance Learning:

    Course notes will help you work through the prescribed work, and lecturers are available to assist any distance learner who require help or advice.
    Distance learners have the same access to college resources and technology in order to give them the same edge than that of full time students.
    Multiple countries in Southern Africa have access to BTC resources and as such we welcome the participation of foreigners in our distance study program.

The Value of BDL

The Value of our Distance Learning Approach:

    • Increased accessibility to lay ministers and ministry practitioners throughout Africa
    • Learning Communities by volutary association are encouraged for application of learning in church settings and through pastoral support mechanisms
    • Decreasing the education-gap by provision of quality Higher Education programs to all segments of society
    • Offering a full range of programs on the updated HEQSF to assist the learner in successful articulation where possible at their level
    • Cost-effectiveness to increase broad-spectrum participation
    • The curriculum will be responsive to an Evangelical perspective within South Africa and fall within the vision, mission and beliefs of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa
    • Curriculum development pre-registration in line with a Semi-Synchronous learner support policy
  • High academic standards will be maintained with clear exit-level outcomes and relevant Christian ministry exposure to build competence and experience within a major

Student Support


Should any contact learner be from out of town and require accommodation, we are able to offer accommodation in our fully-owned and maintained blocks of units situated in Windsor East in Randburg, Johannesburg.

The units are located approximately 5km’s from the College campus and offer both one- and two- bedroom units. The units are available either furnished or unfurnished, depending on the full-time Learner’s specific needs. These units are available to full-time Learners at a highly subsidized rate. Applications must be made to the Administrative Department and will be considered on an availability basis.


Reliable research has suggested that in order for Distance Learners to be successful in their learning, they do require support in the form of a suitably qualified friend, leader or Pastor.

This person needs to be regularly available to the Learner to motivate and encourage them to persevere with their studies and also to assist the Learner where possible to accomplish this goal. It would also be suggested that this person commit to supporting the Learner on a spiritual basis whereby praying for and with them as they not only grow in the knowledge of God but also aspire to what it is that God has planned for them to accomplish with that knowledge.

With the above in mind, we do endeavor to contact Distance Learners on a regular basis but it is having that local person that will adequately fulfill the role of support that is needed.


Bursary support is made available to primarily assist Contact Learners. Application for the bursary support is to be made online for consideration once the Learner is at the College. These bursaries are specialized and are provided in April and September of each year. Bursaries have a specific set of criteria that are considered upon application, however, there are many volunteer opportunities on campus that can assist the learner in their fees.


The library at the BTC Southern Africa campus is a valuable resource centre that assists learners by providing them with the necessary resources to fulfil their study requirements. Our library comprises various types of material including over 14 000 books, 40 printed journal titles, and a growing number of DVD resources. Our library also includes a large reference section.

Since 2015, learners are afforded the opportunity to have access to a state of the art online journal database, which is available to both full time and distance Learners, as well as a growing number of online volumes. Our library is user-friendly in that all journals, books and other resources are indexed on an easily accessible electronic library catalogue. It has ample space for Learners to study in comfort and is open throughout the year. The College librarian is available to assist learners in finding the resources needed for assignments. The library provides wireless internet access, as well as a number of computers which may be used by learners.

Distance Learners are offered the opportunity to make use of all our library resources for an annual fee. Full-time learners have access to the library at no additional cost.