The Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa is a registered private higher education institution with the DHET and offers accredited degree programs in the field of theology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are searching for a suitably qualified Registrar (Dean of Administration) that will be responsible for the operational efficiency of our Seminary and work alongside a well-established team in the following key areas:

  1. Accreditation and academic administration
  2. Student affairs and care
  3. Monitoring, Compliance and Reporting
  4. Leadership and governance
  5. Facilities (Management and planning)
  6. Human and Financial resources 
  7. Stakeholder relations and partnerships
  8. Student administration systems, IT and online learning

We are looking for a strong Christian with local church involvement. Five (5+) years of relevant experience is required. A higher qualification in Education / Theology would be beneficial along with a proven track record of leadership, management, teamwork, and organizational leadership would be needed. 

This post will not be required to lecture or form part of Faculty. The candidate needs to be detail oriented, approachable, strong on teamwork and collaboration skills, a good communicator with exceptional administration skills. 

Suitable candidates are to email their latest CV’s to We invite those interested to visit 

                                                                                                                                Applications close:  8th November 2019



To be accountable and have overall responsibility for the academic administration of the College, for the student record, for certification and for all systems supporting student recruitment, admission, registration, examination and student housing.  

To ensure a service orientation throughout the Office of the Registrar.

To be accountable, and have overall responsibility for all Regulatory and legal matters across the College and, in the name of the College, for instituting and defending legal action, in order to advance and protect the College’s interests at all times. In this capacity the Registrar oversees and reviews the interpretation and implementation of policies and legislation.

To support the College Board and executive officers and to give leadership in the academic administration of the College, and to contribute advice across a wide range of internal structures.


Key performance area

Activities / Objectives

Results / Outcomes

1 Academic administration
  • Oversight of the work of the Registrar’s office in the planning and management of all academic administration.  Particular attention must be paid to general and faculty rules.
  • Accountability for the integrity of the academic record, and all forms of certification of academic achievement of past and present students.
  • Efficient processes.
  • Good order, good governance and an atmosphere conducive to academic activity.
  • Accreditation with relevant quality bodies.
  • Proper interpretation and application of policy and academic rules.
  • Integrity of all academic records.
  • Accurate and complete catalogue of courses & qualifications.
  • Accurate and up-to-date college calendar & publications.


Student Affairs
  • Manage the student application and admission process
  • Preparing and administering of examinations and results
  • Issuing of student transcripts
  • Arrange study programs
  • Responsible for technology strategy
  • Manage student accommodation
  • Facilitate the student disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Student Credit Assessments (RPL/E & CAT) for enrolment
  • Facilitate foreign student legal status for studies
  • An effective system is in place to attract, monitor and process student applications, interviews and admissions.
  • A workable examination schedule is prepared with faculty, and implemented. Results published timeously.
  • Transcripts issued according to prescribed format within reasonable time frames.
  • Study programs informed by the input from the Dean of Students.
  • Development and maintenance of efficient IT systems to support academic education (e.g. SCADSYS).
  • Equitable allocation and management of student accommodation.
  • Policies are in place and processes are managed effectively.
3 Monitoring, Compliance and Reporting
  • Compile and present reports related to Registrar’s functions /responsibilities.
  • Provide data, analysis and information in support of planning and decision-making at all levels within the college.
  • Accountability for statutory returns.
  • Ensure an effective archival service for College records.
  • Carry out Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act S16 (2) functions for the College premises.
  • Accurate and up-to-date management information readily available to aid decision-making and planning.
  • Required returns are on time, accurate and audited.
  • Operational aspects of the functions are efficient, accurate and effective.
  • The College maintains an effective archival service for its records;
  • Health & Safety compliant for the defined areas.
  • Fairness in staff grievances and discipline.


Leadership & Governance
  • Provide leadership in and give advice to College governing bodies, committees and leadership.
  • Contribute to the development of the strategy.
  • Exercise delegated authority ensuring the protection of the College’s interests.
  • Promotion of the College to third parties.
  • Accountability for compliance with legislative and accrediting frameworks.
  • Responsible, under delegated authority for instituting legal action in the name of the College and defending action in any court of competent jurisdiction.
  • Review and advise on contracts.
  • Plan, organize, direct, control, review and oversee the interpretation and implementation of College policies and legislation.
  • College bodies, committees and leadership are appropriately and effectively led and advised.
  • Strategy is developed successfully.
  • Delegated authority is exercised.
  • Plan and execute strategies together with College leadership to promote the reputation of the College among stakeholders.
  • Maintain and manage an informative website and social media platforms.
  • College meets its obligations under applicable legislation.
  • Decisions arrived at not in conflict with governance, management and administrative requirements.
  • Legal documents and rules easy to access and easy to use.
  • Act as the official College representative in the interactions with all applicable public bodies.
5 Facilities & Budget management
  • Prepare and monitor the annual budget of the College.
  • Plan, manage and report on the budget and expenditure.
  • Manage procurement and payment within the budget, ensuring compliance with spending rules and reviewing and authorizing expenditure.
  • Oversee the facilities of the College.
  • Relevant reports timeously and accurately prepared, presented and made available to appropriate role-players.
  • Budgets drafted in accordance with guidelines/ specifications.
  • Procurement and payment processes are performed accurately and according to policy and procedure.
  • Services are provided effectively within budget.
  • Facilities are effectively utilized and maintained.
6 Human Resource Management
  • Design and plan staffing structure to ensure appropriate services can be delivered.
  • Manage performance of support staff.
  • Delegate responsibility and allocate work.
  • Oversee the recruitment, induction, training leave and grievance/disciplinary processes of staff.
  • All human resource functions relating to own staff are carried out timeously and in accordance with HR policy, and relevant legislation.
  • Relevant documentation is correctly completed, signed off and processed.
  • Staff are trained and equipped to meet the performance standard expected.
  • Positive working relationships.
7 Stakeholder Relations and Partnerships
  • Establish a student-centered culture within the support staff.
  • Counsel and advise students, faculty, and staff on academic matters.
  • Interpret and enforce policies and regulations of the College.
  • Liaise with academic leadership on academic policy decisions.
  • Liaise with relevant professional organizations and bodies relevant to higher theological education.
  • College is regularly informed of strategic developments and trends in student and academic administrative-related matters, and general issues related to governance.
  • The College is kept informed of relevant national developments.

Rev Mark Paul

Rev Mark Paul, a graduate of BTC, is a Worship Pastor in Pretoria. Mark is married to Tammy, and together they have two boys, Seth and Nate. Mark oversees the BTC website and social media accounts.

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